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3 Activities You Can Do at Home With Your Family When It Is Raining

Many people dread rainy days, but you don’t have to. There are plenty of things to occupy yourself with that can leave you feeling quite fulfilled. It is a perfect time to use the three opportunities below to bond with your family.

1. Shoot Pool

Pool involves using a stick called a cue to knock colorful balls made out of acrylic or plastic resins into pockets of a specially made table. There are several different ways to play. The differences in rules relate to who shoots which balls in what order.

For example, in standard eight-ball, one player aims to score using the solid colored ones that range from number one to seven, while the other opponent does the same thing with the striped variety that goes from nine to 15. If players knock in their respective list, they try to shoot the final black eight ball into a pocket.

Normal wear and tear happen to the table over time. If it gets damaged, you can check out a pool table repair Durham NC service to get rolling again.

2. Play a Board or Card Game

You have most likely played Monopoly and Life at some point, but there are so many more than that. Here are some other underrated ones that you can check out:

  • Catan
  • Captain Sonar
  • Apples to Apples
  • 7 Wonders
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Telestrations
  • Banana Blast
  • Bears vs Babies

These games vary in difficulty and strategy. Some are light-hearted and take less than 30 minutes while others make you plan your victory for hours. As a starting point, Apples to Apples and Bears vs Babies are aimed at younger children, while Captain Sonar and 7 Wonders target older ones and grownups.

3. Make Art

If you are feeling creative, you can delve into some art projects. These may include knitting, drawing or sculpting. There are even coloring books that are marketed for adults. You can paint landscapes while you follow along with famous artist Bob Ross as you watch his video tutorials that are available for free on YouTube. Hobby shops carry all the supplies that you need.

Although there is nothing wrong with watching a movie or reading a book during a rainy day, you may feel motivated to do something more active. It’s a perfect time to use your imagination and forge memories with your kinfolk.