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3 Steps to Take Over the Summer to Prepare Your House for Winter

In the summer and early fall, it’s easy to forget about how cold Maryland is in the winter. While you run your air conditioning full blast and try to stay out of the humid air, take the following steps to prepare your house for next winter.

Evaluate Your Heating System

Look at your heating bills from last winter and evaluate how efficiently your furnace kept your house warm. Did you frequently have to layer up with sweatshirts and blankets and turn on space heaters, or could you relax comfortably? If your heating bills were exorbitant and you were still cold, it’s time for a new heating installation Berlin MD. Even if you think your current system is in good condition, have it professionally inspected before turning it on again to make sure that it is safe.

Replace Your Roof

Most roofs last for around thirty years, but you do not want to push this timeframe. Although not every winter brings blizzards, it’s hard to tell when the next storm will drop three feet of snow. You don’t want to oversee emergency roof repairs in the middle of a snowstorm in a region that does not deal well with snow. Instead, invest in a new roof during the summer and look forward to winter with a renewed sense of security.

Stock up on Supplies

Since you may not have used snow removal supplies last year, make sure that you have plenty on hand and that they are in good condition. Check your shovels for cracks and warping and see if you need more salt for melting your driveway. Don’t forget emergency supplies such as distilled water, candles, canned food and batteries.

While cold weather is the farthest thing from your mind right now, summer is the perfect time to prepare for winter storms.