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3 Things To Look for in a Daycare Provider

You don’t want just anyone looking after your child while you’re at work. Assuming a facility is inherently better just because they’re expensive is very often a mistake. There are other factors you need to consider.

Good Reputation

If your friends and coworkers already have children, they may be a resource to tap for finding a toddlers daycare Chicago IL or similar services. They will be able to share with you their favorite providers as well as inform you beforehand of any potential ups and downs.

If you don’t know anyone who can make a recommendation, ask the providers you are considering for references to vouch for their services.

Professional Behavior

Some places may try to pressure you into committing quickly with assertions of “limited availability.” They may truly have only a few openings available in their program, but they should be empathetic to the fact that deciding who to trust with your child is not something to be rushed. 

Providers should give straight answers about accreditation, staff turnover, policies and procedures. If they aren’t open to being interviewed or questioned, and if they aren’t open to tours or unannounced visits, you need to ask yourself why. They should be making an effort to impress and accommodate their clients rather than hide from them. 


These facilities are supposed to nurture developing minds. Is there anyone on staff that is a licensed childhood psychologist? Aides should have at least some basic training on how to respond to health emergencies, such as CPR certification, and “teacher” shouldn’t be just a random title they bestow on their employees. If they employ their staff as such, make sure there is proper licensing and schooling to back that up.

Sending your child to daycare is a way to meet their developmental needs. Don’t feel guilty about asking questions or shopping around, as you are ensuring that those needs will be met.