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4 Considerations Before Launching Your Microbrew

Designing your own beer can be a fun, satisfying endeavor, but you need to know the business well if you plan on transforming your love of liquor into a healthy profit. These are four key areas you need to thoroughly understand before starting your business.


Developing and manufacturing a microbrew is an expensive proposition. You’ll need a large production facility, staff, proper licensing, bottle and labeling services (key to proper branding) and more. Tally your overhead beforehand as you never want to spend a bunch of cash without knowing for certain you can bring a project to completion.

Proper Brewing

You need to follow strict procedures for your beer to turn outright. If you’re not a brewing expert, hire someone who is. Otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble. For instance, there are three different fermentation methods – warm, cool and spontaneous – and you will need to pick one. Do you know which is best for your operation? The wrong choice could have a serious detrimental impact on overall production. Beyond creating a bad-tasting or strangely colored liquid, improper brewing can be highly dangerous.

Market Research

Many styles of microbrews already exist and your area likely has its favorites. Figure out what is already selling so you’re not copying another recipe. You don’t want to directly compete with a beer that has already claimed a successful niche, so concoct a unique flavor that stands apart from the rest.


Go to local brewpubs, restaurants and liquor stores and inquire regarding the possibility of selling your product through those channels. Figuring out in advance whether they are receptive to your beverage or not will save a lot of heartache. Also, be aware that distribution can be costly, so carefully factor that into your overall budget.

Maintain a thorough knowledge of these critical industry components and your microbrew will have better odds of a happy, trouble-free launch.