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Easy Ways To Start Shopping Small

In the face of looming retail giants, it can seem tough to make the switch to shopping small businesses. Online mega-retailers offer many conveniences – super fast shipping, huge variety, and discount deals. However, if you are trying to make your dollars matter more to entrepreneurs and local business people, it’s important to shop small. Here are some ways to start making an impact with your purchases. 

Support Artists’ Online Shops 

Many artists sell their creations via their online shops as well as via their studios. Creatives of all kinds are looking to make sales that support their lives, so whether you’re in the market for a new ceramics set or if you want to buy handmade paintings online, it’s smart to explore small businesses before buying from a megastore. Purchasing art from an artist directly benefits both parties. You can communicate directly with the creator of your item, plus the artist may offer custom creations or bundle discounts. From jewelry to woodworking and everything in between, you can find a special piece online that comes directly from a small shop rather than a foreign factory.

Attend Local Music Shows 

Attending shows of small bands and musical artists helps boost their visibility for future gigs and helps them gain more traction on their path. Many artists who are struggling to make a breakthrough may also be struggling to pay their bills or put food on the table. Taking the time to attend their show can help you discover new music, of course, but it also helps improve their chances of making a hobby into a career. Additionally, you are helping support the venue they play in, which may be another small business that needs support.

Try New Local Restaurants 

When you’re looking for a place to grab a bite or a drink, you should definitely try the new restaurant in town. Starting up a new bar or eatery is a big investment – and many people struggle to find the sweet spot in the industry. When you choose to eat at a new place, you get a new experience and the business benefits, too. In addition to your patronage, the owner can take in any praise or complaints you have and adjust as necessary for better success. 

Take the time to invest back into your community to help it thrive. Even a purchase as small as $20 or so can make the owner of a small business dance with joy.