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How To Avoid Getting Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are one of the quickest ways to ruin your day. You’re cruising down the freeway, jamming out to your favorite music, and then you see the flashing lights behind you. You might have thought that you were being safe, but are you really sure? 

Whether you’ve received tickets for driving your regular car or have gotten CDL traffic tickets, there are likely things that you could have done to avoid getting them. Following these tips will help make traffic tickets a thing of the past. 

Be Mindful

Sometimes when driving, it is easy to listen to the radio and zone out, not keeping an eye on how fast you’re going. The speed of your car can quickly pick up, and you might get caught by a lurking officer. If you have a problem with not monitoring your speed, use cruise control whenever you can. When on city streets, don’t rush to your destination. Allow yourself extra time to get to where you are going to avoid feeling the need to speed. 

Check Your Lights

While your blinkers will change their blinking habits to let you know one of them has gone out, your other lights don’t have that. Because of that, you could be driving with one of your taillights out and have no idea. To avoid this, check all of your lights every 6 months to ensure they are all in working condition. Have a friend sit in the car with their foot on the brake so that you can see every rear light and verify that they are working. 

Use Your Blinkers

If you are in the habit of not using your blinker, you could be putting yourself at more risk of getting a ticket. Your blinker is a safety measure that lets those around you know what your intentions are when driving. If you change lanes without notifying the other drivers, you could cause an accident. It should be noted that you could still be stopped for improperly using your blinkers if you turn them off before you turn or change lanes.