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IWB Or Shoulder Carry: Which is Right for You?

By now, you know that every job is different. There’s a lot to consider when balancing your everyday carry with the client’s expectations and the limitations of your environment. When you’re choosing concealed carry clothing for security guards, it’s helpful to take inventory of your needs so that you’re not overwhelmed by choices. That said, sometimes the old ways really are best. Shoulder Carry, and Inside the Waistband Carry are two of the proven methods of concealment. They’re both adaptable to a number of situations, and allow enough flexibility for you to determine which is right for you. Here are a few things for you to consider.

Shoulder Carry 

When you’re on the job, two things will always apply. Your garment must keep the weapon totally hidden, and you must be able to clear your cover garments quickly. The shoulder carry method checks both of these boxes and gives you the benefit of carrying comfortably for long periods of time. Since your weapon will be concealed by a jacket or overshirt, this method is highly convenient. This method may not be appropriate for close-fitting clothing. Keep that in mind if your client has specific expectations for your attire. 


Inside the waistband or IWB carry is another common method. It provides quick access to your firearm and is arguably more concealable than carrying a weapon on your shoulder. While this makes IWB an attractive option, some people might find this method less comfortable. Especially if they will be carrying for long periods of time. Similarly, carrying inside the waistband may also place limitations on the weapon you carry. Larger handguns can be difficult to carry this way. So if you are on a job that might require more firepower, IWB carry may not be the most efficient option for you.