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Maintaining Your Business’ Exterior

The quality of a business’ products or services should be the most determinative factor to its success, but appearances mean a lot to prospective customers. Here are some tips on how to ensure that your business’ exterior will make the right impression.

Clean Your Windows Regularly

When customers approach your business and peek through the windows, they shouldn’t be distracted by grime or streaks. Try to use an environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning product; you can actually make a window cleaner with a few simple ingredients. Alternatively, you can arrange for your windows to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Keep Your Parking Lot Free of Trash

A parking lot is a commonly neglected area of many business’ locations. However, your parking lot is where many customers will form their first impression of your business. If it’s littered with trash or debris, your business may appear to be poorly managed. When you’re looking for parking lot sweeping services Washington, choose a company with scheduling flexibility so they can take care of your lot when it’s mostly empty. If you rent your business’ space and share your lot with other renting businesses, send a written request to the commercial property management company who is responsible for common area maintenance to notify them that the lot needs to be cleaned.

Pressure Wash Your Walkways

Sidewalks and walkways can accumulate a lot of dirt, trash, food items, and even sticky stuff such as gum. After winter has passed, you may see that there are still white splotchy stains from salt or ice melt. Professionally pressure washing the area can help to restore the appearance of a walkway and help your business to appear well cared for.

Put some effort into cleaning your business’s exterior and get professional help when you need it. Keeping the area clean and well-maintained will show people that you’re organized and you have the resources to manage your operations well.