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Options for Elder Care

With 47 million senior citizens living in the United States, the need for senior care is on the rise. Deciding what kind of care is best for your relatives can be confusing. Reviewing the types of elder care available will help narrow down the options to what will best fit the needs of your loved one.

Independent Living

Retirement communities and senior or independent living complexes allow the most freedom for the 55+ crowd. The amenities offered at each can be different but often include exercise facilities, appropriate social activities and a variety of housing options. If a senior who lives in this type of housing needs healthcare-related help, he or she will have to engage a nurse or therapist on their own.

Part-Time Care

There are several types of facilities available to seniors who live with a caregiver. One option is an adult day care facility where the seniors can participate in various activities and social interactions while their primary caregiver is at work. Another option is adult foster care Massachusetts where both the senior and their caregiver live in a supervised setting. The family member provides most of the daily care with nurses or doctors available for ongoing support.

Assisted Living

Seniors who live in an assisted living community generally need help with meal preparation or bathing or transportation or some other important aspect of their life. They may or may not have memory issues. In general, seniors who live in this type of housing need a health care professional for some but not all their needs.

Full Care

Nursing homes provide 24-hour total care of your loved one. The health care professionals provide on-site medical care and monitor the client’s medication and meals. Most nursing homes also offer some type of social activities like birthday parties or a games night.

Choosing the best elder care option should be based on your senior’s needs, wants, mobility, and finances. Many seniors begin in one living arrangement, but as they age, they move to another. Knowing the options will help you help them make the best decision.