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Preparing for Divorce Negotiations

Many people find themselves in a place where divorce is the only reasonable option left. Typically couples come to this place with a lot of emotion but it’s important to try to think logically about what divorce will actually look like before beginning the process. You can save yourself a lot of heartache and stress if you emotionally and logically prepare for the next steps.

Think About Your Household Possessions

There are so many big and difficult decisions in a divorce so start by letting go of the small stuff. Think about the things you and your spouse co-own and get ready to really compromise. If you can worry a little less about who gets the pool table, boat, or new couches, it saves more emotional energy for concerns about custody, homes, and savings accounts. Try to stick to business and let go of some of the attachments you may have to household items. Family heirlooms and jewelry are no-brainers and should go to whoever rightfully owns them, but don’t sweat the small stuff because most of it is easily replaceable. It’s important to know that in a Marital Settlement Agreement Tampa, most of the time and energy will be spent on custody, property divisions, and what the future relationship of the ex-spouses and or co-parents will look like.

Accept the Emotional Trade-off

Remind yourself daily that the hurt or pain you feel in all of the compromises is a trade-off for the newfound freedom you are seeking. You have probably already decided that the positives of divorcing outweigh the negatives so focus on those when things get tough. Remember that the less friction you engage in while compromising and negotiating, the smoother the whole process will be for you and your family members. You may find your spouse being kinder or more giving if you bring your most reasonable and peaceful self to the table.