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The Basic Dental Tools

In order for a dentist to run an efficient practice, he or she has to have the right equipment. These tools are important for not only taking care of patient’s teeth but also for making them as comfortable as possible in the chair. It is critical for dentists to understand how their tools are used.

The Sickle Probe

A sickle probe is also called a dental explorer. This tool looks scary; however, it helps oral health professionals find signs of cavities and gum disease. A dentist can use this tool to check out pockets between the teeth while also removing plaque and tartar. Finally, a sickle probe can also be used to measure the depth of a cavity.

The Scaler

Even though the sickle probe can remove plaque and tartar, the scaler is far superior at removing areas of greater buildup. Patients who require the scaler typically have larger areas of plaque buildup. This plaque might conceal cavities underneath. The only way to know for sure is to use the scaler to clear out this plaque.

The Dental Drill

The dental drill is one of the most effective ways to clear out areas of decay before a cavity is filled. This drill can spin at 250,000 RPM while providing water that can act as a lubricant. Sometimes, this drill might require dental o-rings and gaskets if it needs to be repaired. Over time, the vibrations of the drill might damage some of the smaller components.


Finally, dentists will also take advantage of molds that can be used to create mouthguards, crowns, caps, and more. Usually, these molds consist of a soft substance that will shift to create the perfect mold of a patient’s teeth. Some molds are more effective than others, so it is important for dentists to understand the different options.