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The Importance Of Good Documentation

With all of the products that people buy online, you are bound to buy something that you end up having to assemble. When this happens, nothing is more frustrating than trying to follow badly written instructions. Let’s go over some of the main reasons why having well-written documentation is a must in today’s modern world.

Customer Experience

In order to sell more of anything, you need to make sure that the customer you are selling to has a good experience. Your product may be the most amazing thing ever, but if you have badly written documentation, it can instantly kill the customer’s perception of your company and your product. First impressions are everything, and too many companies don’t focus enough attention on their documentation. This is especially true with software as they could definitely use some high-quality IT documentation New York NY services to make sure their documentation reads correctly and makes sense to the reader.


Most things are made overseas, which makes a lot of sense why documentation written from a foreign country might sound like broken English. However, in today’s modern world, there are plenty or writing services out there that will take bad instructions that are written in simple English and turn them into well-written instructions to make it sound and read like it was written here in America. There really is no excuse for any company that has documentation created out of the country not to be rewritten in English in a way that helps the consumer understand the product.

As you can see, first impressions are everything, and that includes the documentation or assembly instructions that you may include with your products and services. By giving your documentation some love, you can impress your customers and help them to have a better overall experience with your products and services.