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Top 4 Reasons Not To Skip the Satellite Dish

As more and more streaming services come onto the market, satellite TV seems like a thing of the past. Before you completely count satellite out, you should think about it from every angle. You might be surprised at some benefits to not skipping the dish.


Satellite means saying goodbye to constantly switching between different streaming services. How much time have you wasted searching two, three, four, or even more apps for what you want? Installing DirecTV Cincinnati makes viewing easy with full TV guides, on-demand options, specialty channels, and more.

Sports Galore

Sports fans can rejoice when they select satellite TV. When it comes to sports, the viewing options on streaming services are in short supply or completely non-existent. Satellite offers a plethora of channels to catch the latest games and events. Enthusiasts can even get a sports bundle and never miss their favorites again.

Price Drop

The cost of satellite TV might come as a surprise to you. Upfront costs are usually higher; however, you can get creative. You can look into bundle plans with your cell phone, landline, or internet provider to get a significantly lower cost. Many providers will even negotiate prices with you if you ask. Also, keep in mind that satellite is one bill. The lower cost of streaming adds up quickly when you continue to add new services.


If you live somewhere with spotty internet service, you may want to give satellite a second glance. Streaming services can cut out when your WIFI signal lags, but TV satellite doesn’t rely on an internet connection.

While streaming services have a more obvious appeal, don’t count satellite TV out just yet. Your shows, movies, and sports will be available in one location at a price that might surprise you. All that plus no internet lags might have you making to switch today.