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What You Should Know About Concealed Carry Holster Shirts?

You may have been thinking about how holster shirts help in concealed carrying weapons. Well, they are comfortable, and they hide your firearms. You can wear holster shirts for concealed carry on either or both sides of your body, and they are also available in big and tall sizes. Read on to learn more about their advantages. 


Men’s holster shirts come in various styles and materials. Choose a material that fits the size of your firearm. Holster shirts made of polyester and spandex will be durable and comfortable. Eighty-five percent polyester and 15% spandex are durable and don’t shrink when washed. They also look great with any other clothing, making them an excellent choice for concealed carry.

Most holster shirts are made to fit snugly under a shirt. Many are made with moisture-wicking fabric, so you’ll have less sweating. Holster shirts must be worn with another shirt – a button-down shirt, polo, or sports coat. These shirts are very comfortable for concealed carry and will last long. If you’re worried about losing your shirt, you can wear it as a cover-up.

Conceal Firearms

A holster shirt is a garment used to conceal firearms while carrying them. A holster shirt is designed to fit underneath another shirt. Some are made of moisture-wicking fabric to minimize sweating. Holster shirts are used with various clothing styles, including button-down shirts, sports coats, and polo shirts. These clothing pieces are usually tight-fitting and should fit snugly.

Most holster shirts come with a nylon velcro strap to hold a handgun. The material is durable, machine-washable, and does not shrink. Many holster shirts can be paired with other clothing, allowing you to carry your handgun anywhere without worrying about being noticed. Holster shirts are made with long sleeves and can be tucked into clothing, ensuring the gun is concealed without drawing attention.

Some holster shirts come in various materials, so you can choose one that is appropriate for you. Lighter fabrics are best for concealing firearms as they tend to drape around the body’s curves and hardware. For instance, a lightweight polyester polo shirt can profile a Glock grip, making it more difficult to detect. Thicker fabrics, however, do not bend as easily and are not as concealable.


Holster shirts are a great way to conceal a handgun and still look cool. These shirts are made of polyester/spandex blends that are very comfortable and durable. In addition, they feature elastic holsters that are stitched on both sides for easy carry. Other great features include an additional velcro retaining strap. They also have zippered pockets for holding ID/credit cards, spare magazines, and mobile phones.

Women can simultaneously wear holster shirts for two handguns, and they’re made with a special lightweight fabric that doesn’t cause chafing. In addition, a special design makes these ambidextrous holsters so that you can wear them on either hand. A holster shirt with a double-sided holster allows for the hands-free carry and is comfortable to wear while working out. The holster shirt can hold up to two handguns, three magazines, and speed loaders. It also has a pocket for other items like your phone or medical gear.

Availability of Other Sizer

You can get a holster shirt in your size with ease. Holster shirts for concealed carry are made of moisture-wicking fabric and offer even support across the entire body. You can choose where you want your holster to be located and keep it out of the way while you are active. The holster shirt is easy to put on and take off and can be worn while sleeping or working.

When choosing a holster shirt, you should remember the size of the shirt you are wearing. Tall shirts are longer than average, making them a better concealer choice. If your shirt is longer, it can be harder to reach the gun. Holster shirts for big and tall men are available. Holster shirts for big and tall people can be bought at various online stores. You can compare prices and find a great deal.