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3 Actions You Should Avoid During and After Arrest

Being taken into custody by the police can be a troubling and shocking experience. It is very easy to panic or become confused about what to do. Thoughts like “I need to call a lawyer,” “I didn’t do anything” or “I don’t have any money; I need to contact a Pennsylvania bail bond company” may flash through your brain. It is important to stay calm and avoid taking certain actions that may only escalate the situation. 

1. Saying More Than Necessary

Every word that comes out of your mouth can and most likely will be used against you in court. To avoid incriminating yourself, it is best not to say anything at all. Instead, invoke your fundamental right to be silent. State that you are doing so, then follow suit. Trying to convince the officers of your innocence is actually more harmful than you might think. You also have no obligation to answer questions about the crime you are accused of. After arrest, you should speak to your lawyer, but do not discuss case details with family members, friends or fellow inmates as they can be called to the stand as witnesses. 

2. Resisting Arrest

This will only provide more ammunition to be used against you. It may also provoke the police into using force. Do not run, physically resist or argue. 

3. Behaving Rudely

The arresting officers are probably intent on building a case against you if you are undergoing arrest. Your behavior may absolutely count as evidence against you later on. It is best to avoid cussing at them, calling them names, talking trash about them or otherwise showing disrespect. 

During and after an arrest, everything you do has a potential consequence. Your actions are actively monitored for anything that can be used against you. It is imperative for you to remain polite, avoid uncooperative actions and exercise your rights.