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How To Choose the Right Type of Pool

If you’ve decided to make the investment and add a pool to your yard, then congratulations! Pools are a great way to increase the value of your home while also having tons of fun. The next step is deciding what type of pool will work best for you and your family. Here is the breakdown of three types of pools: fiberglass, vinyl and concrete.


Missouri fiberglass shell pools are built off sight in a factory and then dropped into your backyard. The benefit of this process is that installation can be done in a day or two. This also means that once the shell is complete, you can no longer customize it. If you plan on upgrading your pool any time in the future, then a fiberglass pool is not a good choice. 

The gel coat finish applied to fiberglass pools makes them very durable. This finish has small pores and is very smooth. That makes it harder for algae to stick to the walls, keeping your pool cleaner longer.

Vinyl Liner

Vinyl pools are the least expensive type of pool to purchase on this list. They take a little longer to install, around three weeks. However, they are extremely customizable. Because of the porous vinyl material, it may be more difficult to keep your chemical levels in an ideal range. Vinyl can rip and tear over time, so these pools do not last as long and may require repairs.


The design options are endless when you purchase a concrete pool. You can add seating and a beach entry to whatever shape pool you desire. That customization requires time, though. Concrete pools can take up to two months to complete. Once installed, the concrete shell is extremely durable. But, you must be careful with the plaster finish. When chemicals are not balanced in the pool, the plaster finish will deteriorate and can flake off.