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3 Main Types of Generators

Generators are handy tools for companies, families and individuals. An unprecedented power outage can lead to consequences like discomfort, equipment failure or a refrigerator filled with perishable foods breaking down. In severe weather situations, when extreme temperatures reign, it may even lead to death. A generator can help prevent these. As you debate with yourself whether or not to start looking up generator installation Saint Louis MO companies, you should know there are three main kinds of generators. 

1. Inverter Generators

These produce AC power through the use of a connected engine and alternator. They convert this power to DC power with a rectifier. Benefits include being small, lightweight and easy to fit into boats and automobiles.

2. Standby Generators

These are essentially backup electrical systems with transfer switches. They can sense the shutdown of the power grid and begin producing energy automatically upon the occurrence. They also instantly turn off once electricity returns and then wait on standby for the next outage (hence their name). They may also run on natural gas or propane and use an internal combustion engine.

3. Portable Generators

As may be inferred from their name, these are meant to be mobile. They are fueled by diesel or gas and can be plugged into important appliances like your freezer to keep it running. Like standby generators, they use internal combustion engines to create power. Their biggest advantage is their convenience — they can be carried on camping trips, work excursions and more. 

Generators are a good tool to have, and they are especially important in blizzards, hurricanes and other storm events. If you are confined indoors due to severe weather conditions, they help you stay comfortable, may keep you from having to leave the security of your home and shelter before it is safe to do so and may even prevent life-threatening conditions like hypothermia.