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3 Refinishing Projects for Your House

Are you interested in freshening up your dated home but want to keep its original charm? There are a few projects that bring life back to your house by updating what you already have.  Here are three projects that make your home look new again without getting rid of what you love.

1. Restore the floors

The floors in your home are exposed to heavy wear and tear. People walking in their shoes, dragging furniture and pets scratch and dirty up the floors. No matter what type of material they are constructed from, wood, tile and stone can be made to look new again without replacing. Reach out to local professionals to determine the cost of handling stone restoration Honolulu HI and other floor refinishing projects.

2. Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home. Humidity, grease and dust all build up on the kitchen cabinets and create a thin film over them. They also fade and scratch with continued use. To make them look better, you don’t need to replace them. Do a deep cleaning of all the surfaces to remove grease and food particles. Then sand, primer and stain or paint your cabinets. Once it is all dry, rehang the doors and admire your beautiful new-looking cabinets. 

3. Reseal Concrete Patios

The back and front patios of your home are great for entertaining and relaxing. Concrete patios hold up to years of extreme weather but do begin to crack and fade over time. There are options available to fill in any cracks and add a new look to the patio by painting, stamping or applying epoxy to the concrete. All of these options add a new style to your patio and allow it to hold up to many more years of enjoyment. 

Updating your home doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your favorite things. Many home improvement projects allow the restoration of your home without getting rid of its charm.