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3 Ways To Enjoy the Great Lakes

The five Great Lakes in North America draw thousands of tourists each year. There are many activities to do in the cities and towns that surround the shorelines.

1. Fishing

One of the traditional pastimes enjoyed every year by many people is fishing. Stand at the shore and cast a line into the water, or head out onto the waves in a boat to try and nab some species that prefer deeper water. Even beginners can have a good time learning how to catch trout and salmon when fishing Oswego NY.

2. Boat Tours

For boat lovers looking to experience a fantastic tour, there are plenty of companies that offer glass-bottom boat tours. There are famous shipwrecks throughout the Great Lakes that can be seen on a tour, like the Edmund Fitzgerald, the Vienna and the Lady Elgin. It is also a great way to see the underwater ecosystems without disturbing them.

3. Museums

If water does not appeal, there are museums of all sizes that showcase the historical importance of the local area. Learn about the historical significance of the Great Lakes, from the fur traders using the waterways to transport goods to the modern-day freighters that sail down trade routes carrying modern cargo. Anyone with an appreciation of history, wildlife or life along the water will have a fabulous time at one of the many museums that can be visited along all five lakes.

These activities can be enjoyed when on any type of vacation. Nature-lovers who are camping in the wilderness can head down to the water for a day of rest and relaxation. People who prefer the vibe that small towns offer can stay in a quaint bed-and-breakfast near shopping centers, museums and docks. The big cities have plenty of day trips and tours available during the day while still having a bustling nightlife.