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4 Parking Lot Maintenance Duties

Owning property comes with a lot of responsibilities. If there is a parking lot for workers or customers, then it will need to be maintained. A parking lot that is full of holes or not properly cleared of ice and snow can be hazardous to drive on.

1. Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep on top of the parking lot is by keeping it clean. After it has been swept and pressure washed, it can be inspected for cracks and holes that were concealed under dirt and debris. It is not necessary to purchase equipment and do that in-house, as there are plenty of parking lot sweeping services Washington that specialize in cleaning and maintaining asphalt and pavement.

2. Plowing

In areas that get snow, it is important to have a plan for snow and ice removal. Some vehicles are better suited for snow and ice than others, but all cars can slip occasionally. Customers and workers should not have to struggle to park their cars to enter the building. Make arrangements to have a company come out early enough to have the lot cleared and sanded or salted.

3. Repairs

It is a good idea to keep an eye on the lot to find holes and cracks while they are small. Fillers and sealants can be applied to keep them from getting bigger and needing more extensive and expensive repair jobs. If they are not taken care of, vehicles can be damaged driving over the areas, resulting in unhappy customers or employees.

4. Painting

The marks and lines painted on the lot designating parking and non-parking areas will weather and fade over time. They should be repainted before they fade completely so as to eliminate confusion over parking areas.  

Make sure that a plan is in place for parking lot maintenance duties long before snow flies or potholes appear. By taking care of things as they arise, money and time will be saved in the long run.