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The Language of Science

Every day in laboratories and manufacturing facilities, scientists are hard at work to improve the world we live in. They use exotic looking equipment and perform complicated experiments to improve our understanding of the universe and the laws of nature. Whether they are calculating the exact orbital path of a satellite or measuring a microorganism, they all use numbers and mathematics. Math is the language of science.

Math, from simple addition and subtraction to Elementary Differential Equations, allows scientists to predict the outcomes of experiments and, in some sense, the world around us. Phenomena that occur in nature often supply us with clever ways to accomplish tasks of all kinds. The study and explanation of these phenomena are the everyday jobs of many different branches of scientific inquiry. Math of different kinds finds application in various fields of scientific study, some of these include chemistry, physics and biology.

Math in Chemistry

One goal undertaken by chemists is to find out how different substances, when combined, react together. While much is already known about these outcomes, there are so many different substances and conditions under which they may react that new discoveries are made all the time. Chemists use math to make some predictions about the amounts of substances needed to complete a reaction and to determine how long it will take.

Math in Physics

The field of physics is perhaps the area where math is used most. Physicists working with particle accelerators for instance use math to calculate the velocity of particles needed to achieve certain conditions. Astrophysicists apply complex mathematical models to predict the various paths of celestial objects and to help discover new objects based on how known objects behave.

Math in Biology

One application of differential equations in biology is in predicting the growth of different species of animals. Another use of math in biology is to describe what is happening on a molecular level in different living tissues.

Math is a universal tool used by scientists across almost every field of scientific study. Numbers that represent various quantities in the natural world make possible a better understanding of how and why they behave in the ways they do.