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4 Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

Although many home roofs are meant to last for decades, problems can occur at any time. Unless you’re looking for the signs, however, you might not notice that it’s time to give your roof some attention. These are the four things to look out for that tell you it’s time to repair or replace your roof.

Water Seeping In

Water seepage should be one of the obvious signs of roof trouble, but sometimes it isn’t. Because water follows whatever path it can find, you may have a roof leak that is pouring water into the attic or running behind the walls where it can go undetected. Periodically check for moisture in the top floor of your home as well as adjacent walls where water may collect.

Shingles Curling or Buckling

One indicator of roof trouble that often requires being up on a ladder to see is shingles curling or buckling. When shingles are not properly secured, water can get underneath. In the winter, water under the shingles is especially problematic as it expands during freezing, lifting the shingles even more. Hire roofing services South St Paul MN to check your shingles and repair any that are beginning to curl or buckle.

Granules Collecting in the Gutter

Giving those gutters a good clearing is not only a great way to keep water away from your home, but also a good opportunity to check on the health of your roof. If you notice granules collecting along with the leaves in the gutter or bald spots on shingles, it means the material is deteriorating and needs replacement.

Daylight Poking Through

You may not go into the attic very often, but when you do check for daylight coming through the roof. If you can see the sunshine, which means water can make its way in.

Taking care of your roof is essential to keeping damaging water out of your home. While you’d expect your roof to last a long time, pay attention to the signs that weather or other conditions have taken their toll prematurely.