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5 Items You Need To Pack When You Go Hunting

No matter if you are going off into the wilderness for wild boar or into the shrubs for small squirrels, there are some items that every hunter should have in his day pack. Although some of the objects are small, each is essential in making sure you make it home safely with your game in tow. Here are five items you need to take with you when you hunt.

1. Whistle

Accidents happen, and when you are out in the wilderness with no means to the car, you need a way for your friends to find you. That is where the whistle comes in handy. You may have a cell phone available, but there is often no service when you are out hunting.

2. Clippers

When you sit in the tree for several hours, you want to make sure you have a complete view of the area around you. Hedge clippers can remove the wayward branches blocking your view and possibly preventing the sighting of the game.

3. Knife

A good knife like those at hunting knives Toronto can make the difference between struggling when gutting your kill or slicing the meat like butter. Make sure you take at least two knives with you – perhaps a buck knife and a skinner.

4. Container

Don’t forget a container to urinate into because you cannot pee anywhere for yards around your tree stand, and getting in and out of the stand to traipse through brush can be noisy enough to scare off the game. A simple container with a secure lid solves the problem.

5. Matches

Heat can be vital in a crisis situation in the wild, and that makes carrying matches or a fire starter essential. You can also purchase kits that help yo with starting a fire in the snow or rain. To be safe after dark and while creating a fire, make sure to pack a flashlight, too.

When you wander around in the wilds looking for game, you want to make sure you are safe. Use these five tips to pack items to make your trip easier.