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Fishing for Halibut

Alaska has been considered a fisherman’s paradise by many anglers. One of the reasons is the excellent halibut fishing. This saltwater fish is large-sized, great sport, and good eating too! Alaska halibut may very well be one of the most sought after sport fish in the world. Be sure to consider fishing tours Ketchikan AK for your halibut fishing plans.

Halibut Lifestyle

Halibut are an oceanic Ocean species. They are flatfish, meaning both eyes are on the top side of an oval-shaped, flat body. It may sound unusual, but it is designed for voracious feeding by way of ambushing their prey. They usually run 10 to 50 pounds in weight but can grow much larger. The world record was 459 pounds. Because of their size, they are called the king of the flatfish. The really large ones are called “barn doors” by the locals.

These fish spawn in very deep water at the continental shelf edge during the winter months. As they now, they still like to stay on the middle to the outer continental shelf. They prefer to live in cold water, generally between 37 and 47 degrees F. Because of the mild yet tasty white flesh, they are fished for both commercially and by sport fishermen. Commercial halibut fishing is big business in Alaska.

Sport Fishing for Halibut

Halibut are mainly bottom feeders. Most people use a charter boat or guide service to get to the best waters for halibut fishing. Most of these commercial enterprises provide all the gear you will need. Because they run so large, you need stout rods, reels, and tackle to ensure that you can boat your fish. Most anglers fish for these large flatfish with some sort of live or fresh-cut bait. The most popular choices are salmon innards, squid, herring, and octopus pieces. Artificial lures jigged at the bottom can be effective as well.