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Guided Meditation for Help in Recovery

Recovery is an ongoing persona journey, and on the road to health, it is important to consider the full gamut of tools and techniques available. Recovery House in Arlington VA may be an important part of your recovery. In addition, techniques such as guided meditation may have a role as well.

The Fight Against Cravings

Substance abuse can be a personally demoralizing and painful experience, especially when trying to move into recovery. When a person backpedals on the path to sobriety, feeling of disgust, shame and negativity can come flooding in.  At times like these, they may feel unable to overcome the urges and cravings that contributed to their previous pattern of coping. At the end of their rope, they find themselves wanting to cave into real-time cravings.

It’s better to look at cravings for what they are: A normal symptom for those moving away from alcohol (and other) addictions. These cravings and urges originate in the brain.

Guided Meditation to the Rescue

For centuries, many cultures have come to know that meditation is a powerful practice. Its principal goal is to help you understand how to connect your mind with the body.  Through the practice of meditation, one can learn and apply the truth that one’s happiness is a choice. Take a look at some  of the benefits regular meditators receive:

  • A better outlook about stressful situations
  • An increase in personal awareness
  • Patience and tolerance, both with situations and other people
  • Development of multiple options to manage personal choices

With guided meditation, a qualified speaker walks you through the meditation process. This experienced teacher will help with focus and help ensure the meditation experience flow naturally.

When striving for sobriety, guided meditation can be a very practice in combatting real-time urges to start using again. It can be an important tool for many in recovery.