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Materials to Make Livestock Corrals More Durable

Whether you are trying to corral horses, cows, or other large livestock, it is important to make sure that your corral is as durable and strong as possible. There is no doubt that some corral-building materials are better below. Try out the two materials below to improve your corral.

Metal Livestock Panels

Metal livestock panels are typically more durable than wooden or plastic paneling. Iron and steel are some of the most popular types of metal livestock paneling. The paneling can have solid metal or can be hollow, like series of connected tubes. While solid metal might be more durable, tubed paneling is lighter. Either type will make for great fencing or gating.

Customers can find livestock panels for sale online and at various farming and country stores. The price will directly depend on how large the panel is and what material it is made out of. Make sure to get a panel that is taller than your livestock can jump. 

Cement Post Holes

Depending on where your corral is, what kind of livestock it will be holding, and similar other factors, you may or may not need to put cement into your post holes. This can help to make sure that the posts stay in place. After all, a sturdy post is essential if you want to have a durable corral.

Most feedlot corrals will need cement on the entire floor. However, ranch corrals will only need the posts to be cemented. If for some reason you cannot use cement, try to get the posts into the ground as deep as possible. A post that is at least four feet underground is not likely to be shaken easily.

Keep these tips in mind when trying to improve your corral or when building a new one. Remember, a strong corral will not only keep your livestock where they are supposed to be but also keep them safe.