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How to Find a Car VIN Number

A car’s VIN is like its fingerprint. Each car has a unique number that can be used to identify the car. Knowing your car’s VIN number, or at least knowing where to find it, is extremely important when it comes to filling out various paperwork related to your car. For example, VIN numbers are needed to fill out both registrations and insurance paperwork. Below are some of the easiest ways to find your car’s VIN.

Look on Your Car

Finding a VIN on your vehicle is pretty easy, so long as you know where to look. Most often, the VIN is typeset on a small sticker-like paper on one corner of the dashboard, usually on the driver’s side. It will also likely be easier to see this from outside of the car, rather than sitting inside.

If the VIN is not on your dashboard, then it may be on the inside of the driver’s side door. When you open the door, look at the side of it. If there is a string of numbers, likely on a white sticker, then you’ve found your VIN number. 

If you look at both of these places and still cannot find your VIN, then it is best that you check your paperwork instead. 

Check Your Paperwork

If you already have paperwork filled out, then you can use these documents to do a vehicle identification number check. There should be a section on your insurance, title, and registration paperwork that includes your VIN. Out of these paperwork types, it’s likely easiest to find the number on your insurance card, where it should be labeled plainly. 

No matter how you find your VIN, it is an important number to keep in mind. While you do not necessarily need to memorize it, have it written down (either on your paperwork or elsewhere). This can be helpful for all sorts of paperwork down the road.