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Refresh Your Home With These 3 Tips

Today’s housing market is on fire! Prices continue to climb. Homeowners eager to move could find themselves cashing in quite well. However, not everyone can afford something new, even if you’re ready for a change. If you’re not in a position to sell and are tired of your place, consider the following changes to fall in love with your house all over again.

1. Change the Interior Color

It seems too simple to work, but the paint colors deserve to be changed. Paint is the foundation of the decor in your rooms, and after a while, it gets stale. Work with professional interior house painting Nassau county NY experts to craft a slate that delivers style and color. Don’t hesitate to go for something warm. Cooler tones are heading out, so turn to warm grays, blues or greens.

2. Swap Out Older Pieces

Dingy furniture shows lots of love and drags down some of your home’s glamour. Pick the one room that bothers you the most and focus on a furniture makeover. Is the sofa faded and stained? Are the coffee tables chipped and covered with water rings? Don’t stare at them any longer. Donate them. Sell them. Get rid of them. Find furniture within your budget and redo the room, including adding a stylish rug.

3. Modify the Structure

Why do you want to go somewhere else? Are you missing certain features? Add that feature to this house instead of packing up and heading out. Consider changes that boost home value and your love for the space. For instance, many newer homes no longer have a fireplace. In warmer states, this makes logical sense. However, owners may miss the look of the mantel. Install an electric fireplace to create the ambiance you desire.

Don’t stress. Maybe you are just meant to stay in this house a bit longer. In the meantime, make some changes that help you enjoy the space again.