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5 Steps To Make Your Home Safer

In the United States, two burglaries happen every minute. If you’re concerned about the safety of your home, family or possessions, here are some changes you can make to lower risk and put everyone at ease. 

Home Security Systems

These range from doorbell cameras to sophisticated networks of motion-activated devices watching every angle of your property. When you place your cameras prominently, or even just put up signs that inform visitors that your property is under 24/7 surveillance, thieves will often deem your home too much of a risk to rob.

Privacy Fencing

When it comes to burglaries, perpetrators often go the path of least resistance. They want a theft to go fast, and they want to attract as little attention as possible. Properties that have had aluminum fence installation in Forest Lake IL aren’t attractive targets for thieves because fences create an obstacle that increases their chances of getting caught. 

Skip the Spare

When you leave a key under your doormat, you are welcoming thieves into your home. It is safer to leave a spare key with a neighbor or friend than to hide it on your property. If that isn’t an option, chose a location in the backyard, away from your house, that a thief wouldn’t think to look. 

Outdoor Lights

Studies have found that keeping properties lit can reduce crime-related activity by 39% compared to properties left dark. People don’t act out when they know they can be seen. By installing motion-activated lights you save electricity by not having them on all the time, but still enjoy the benefits of having an illuminated area. 

Make Some Noise

Thieves often won’t give your home a second look if they think someone is home. Even if there are no cars in your driveway, you can make your house seem occupied by leaving on lights that can be seen from the outside, as well as a radio to create some lively noise. 

With current advances in technology, home security is more accessible than ever. You can find affordable options, no matter what your financial situation.