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What To Know About Preventing Office Injuries

Many people associate on-the-job injuries with workplaces that involve significant physical activity. While the hazards associated with work that requires OSHA training such as confined spaces or operating in heavy machinery may seem obvious, the potential for injuries in a typical office is there. Here are some common office injuries that you should be careful of.

Falling and Tripping

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, falls and trips are the most common office accidents. They are also responsible for causing the most debilitating injuries. Common causes include tripping over objects, bending or reaching from an unstable chair, slipping on wet surfaces, poor lighting and using chairs as ladders. It’s important to look where you’re walking and make note of tripping hazards and have them fixed to reduce injuries from falls.

Prioritizing Comfort

Poor ergonomics are a common cause of workplace injury. Sitting at a desk or workstation that provides poor back support, uncomfortable wrist angles or neck discomfort from a poorly positioned screen can lead to various problems, including body aches, eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s important to make sure your chair and desk are properly adjusted to avoid the types of problems that might require a visit to an Orthopedic Hand Specialist Houston.

Lifting Properly

You might associate lifting injuries with heavy or bulky objects. The reality is that even small loads can cause a problem for your back, neck and shoulders. The best rule of thumb is to have someone else help you lift heavy objects. Remember to lift with your legs, not your back. Keep your back in a straight position for the entire lift.

Office injuries are not as uncommon as you might think. Even the most basic of actions can lead to injury without proper care. Watch for tripping hazards and lift loads properly. Make sure your workspace accommodates your body.