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Why You Should Hire a Land Surveyor

When you purchased your property, you were given a detailed description that probably included a map of your property lines. However, nothing is more accurate than a professional survey. Therefore, before you start any construction projects, from buildings to fencing, there are several reasons you should have your property surveyed.

Clear, Accurate Property Lines

The first reason you should have your property surveyed is to determine exactly where your property lines are. Even if you hire contractors for your build, they may not know exactly where your property lines are if your land isn’t surveyed. When you hire experienced land surveying professionals Laurel MD, you can also compare the survey to your legal land description to ensure it is accurate.

Regulations That May Affect Your Plans

A professional land surveyor should also investigate any rights-of-way or easements that may restrict what you can do with your property. Abandoned roads or those that prove your neighbors’ access to their land can also determine where and what you can build on parts of your land. The previous owners of your property may have also allowed neighbors to use your property for access or other activities, so historical research is valuable.

Your land may already have buildings and other improvements, and a proper land survey will determine whether they meet building codes and other regulations. For example, you may have structures that violate building codes, height restrictions, setbacks and other restrictions. You may have to petition the local government for exemptions or remove or modify existing structures before you can build new ones.

Water Assets

Whereas a typical land survey will only provide information about visible water, such as lakes, ponds and creeks, a professional land survey also provides details about underground water assets, such as wells and water tables. Due to the regulations surrounding wetlands and other water resources, you need as much information as you can get so you don’t violate these laws.

Protect yourself from fixing costly mistakes and violating local regulations by getting a professional land survey.