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3 Great Options for After School Care

As a parent, your child’s safety and well-being are important to you. When the school day is over and you’re still finishing your shift at work, you want to know that your little one is in good hands. If you’re still sifting through all the sources of after school care Tampa FL has to offer, here are three great options that may suit your family’s needs.

At-Home Babysitters

Having a sitter come to your home offers a lot of benefits: your child is in the comfort of their own house, there’s no need for extra transportation and you can find peace of mind knowing they’re in a familiar place. Whether you choose to go through a professional service or simply hire a trusted family member or neighbor, at-home sitters make after school care super easy.

After School Programs

Most schools nowadays offer a variety of activities, clubs and programs to keep your child safe and enriched once the school day has ended. It’s easy for your little one to join an activity they enjoy, but many schools also offer general programs focused on free activity or getting homework done. Best of all, there’s no need for your child to leave the school!

Daycare Centers

With a plethora of fun, engaging activities and the chance to make new friends and practice social skills, daycare centers are a great place for your child to be after school. Many centers offer free play, help with homework, group projects and even outings and field trips. Your child may even be able to develop skills that aren’t taught at school, like confidence and dealing with separation anxiety.

No matter which source of care you choose, your child’s after school caretaker should be capable, trustworthy and able to put your mind at ease. Talk with your child before making a decision to ensure that both of you will be happy with the choice!