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Ways To Save Time and Money in Truck Fleets

Truck drivers are faced with many risks in the course of their jobs that can also have an effect on efficiency and cost. This is especially true for companies that manage large fleets. With a large number of drivers the number of miles covered increases exponentially, meaning the opportunity for issues does as well. Breakdowns, accidents and regulatory noncompliance can all hamper an operation. Ensure your company has proper programs in place to prevent such situations.

Safety Training

No matter what level of expertise a trucker has they can always benefit from reinforcement of proper behaviors while driving. The risk of not performing in a safe manner can have huge consequences on a business. Accident costs including deductibles, property damage and lost time should all be motivators for continued training.  

Roadside Assistance

Breakdowns and hazards that put trucks on the side of the road ultimately result in lost time and efficiency. Finding an emergency repair shop may be difficult or costly. You can save your drivers from having to ask “where is truck road service near me?” Obtaining a roadside assistance plan for your fleet can save time and money in the long run. They offer a network of repair shops that can quickly respond to common issues:

  • Flat tire repair/replacement
  • Jumpstart assistance
  • Fuel and fluid delivery
  • Locksmith services
  • Towing


The best way to keep trucks moving is to make sure they are maintained properly. Creating a structured routine maintenance program will catch issues before they become larger and costlier ones. Fixing something during planned downtime is much cheaper than a breakdown that requires a tow. Maintenance activities can also highlight problems that may eventually lead to an accident.  

Truck drivers face perils on the road that are both unavoidable and preventable. Implementing these programs in your company will have a positive impact on aspects that can be controlled.